7 Best Things To Enjoy Nightlife In Singapore | Nightlife in Singapore

7 Best Things To Enjoy Nightlife In Singapore


Singapore is a city full of entertainment, culture and friendly people. It is known for its multiculturalism and its immense wealth, making it the number one destination for tourists. The best nightlife in Singapore is centered in the city center, which means you can have a slap on Club Street in Chinatown, head to Marina Bay for a cocktail (repeating the view) and then the dance can end the night at Clarke Quay, all in the same night.

Nightlife in Singapore is always better with the sickest rhythms. But there is more life than going to discos. Here are the best places that explore in your Singapore Trip

Night safari

Singapore is the world’s first night zoo, the Night Safari. Habitat of more than 130 different species, visitors can visit different habitats at night to allow these nocturnal creatures to spend their waking hours. You will see such animals: like fishing cats, pangolins, palm civets and binturongs, among many others. The park also has 4-time slots for the Creature of the Night Show, where a safari guide teaches about specific animals and allows visitors to interact. There are also a variety of restaurants outside the park.

nightlife in Singapore

Clarke Quay

It is the Bayside area of Singapore, located on the Singapore River. Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. The whole area is a beauty in itself and will let any visitor for the first time see colored lights and beautiful people. It has the best clubs in Singapore: Zouk, Attica, and Canvas. In addition to the clubs, Quay also has several top-notch restaurants and conceptual bars.

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Zouk is one of the most appreciated clubs in Singapore and has won great international recognition. The club that is the place for dancers, the UN agency offers house music full of young people for their ability. For those who like completely different varieties of music, Zouk has a sister disco, which plays different genres. Velvet Underground where soul and garage music play. Usually, you will notice a relatively larger crowd. Many international DJs such as David Guetta and Steve Aoki have performed at Zouk. Ladies, catch your friends on Wednesday, as Zouk has made a free entry for women on this day. Wednesday is also the night of Membo Jambo when the club plays in the style of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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Singapore Flyer

Singapore has one of the most beautiful night horizons in the world; What better way to see it from 165 meters above the ground? The Singapore Flyer is an observation platform Ferris wheel, which lasts 32 minutes for a full cycle. Look at the city lights from the best view of the country. The steering wheel also has a screen full of colors and interactive activities that teach the history of the steering wheel and how it came about.

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Sentosa Beach Bars

The beach and the bar are two things that a man admires. The two together is simply a heavenly combination. Sentosa, a tourist island in Singapore, has many beach bars, which are perfect for enjoying the nightlife in Singapore. The Tanjong Beach Club is one of the most famous and lively beach bars on the island. This beach bar comes into action most weekends. They often celebrate some parties like ‘Smack My Beach Up’.

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Blu Jaz Cafe

The Blue Jazz Cafe is one of the most popular bars in Singapore, with live bands every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For a DJ night, climb to another level with your meal once. The restaurant has a flat, which is full of people of all ages.

nightlife in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

Evening activities in Singapore do not include dining in fancy restaurants and returning champagne on the rooftops; The Garden by the Bay is proof of that fact. This futuristic park of huge tree structures during the day is a spectacle, at night it takes place on another level. The 50-meter-tall trees inside the ‘Supertree Grove’ are brightly lit with a colorful kaleidoscope created for a spectacular experience. The show starts around 8 p.m. And it’s completely free (unless you want to use the skywalk).

nightlife in Singapore

So many options to explore from Singapore nightlife, the perfect place for everyone. Most clubs have women on Wednesday nights and have promotional offers before nine from Monday to Friday.

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