7 Incredible Things To Do In Dubai | Things to do in Dubai

incredible things to do in dubai

7 Incredible Things To Do In Dubai

Want to spend your days in the magnificent pools and discover some of the world’s newest clubs and world-class aquariums while spending your evenings on the planet? If so, have you considered checking out some incredible things to do in Dubai? Dubai is not only one of the fastest-growing cities on the planet, but it is also a hot travel destination.

Visit the Buzzing Souks

The marketplace is called Sox in Arabic and some of the most incredible things to do in Dubai. From spices, clothes, perfumes to gold – you will find everything you can see in these souks. All you need is to put the bargaining skills to good use to score an amazing deal. Prepare to be amaze by a glimpse of machine-craft gold chains, exotic spices, intricate silk carpets and other curios that make for exquisite souvenirs.

Visit the Buzzing Souks

Hang out at the Dubai Creek

It is the perfect place to enjoy the various street performances on display and to taste some incredible things to do in Dubai local cuisine for a fraction of the price on the roadside delis, stand and it is all in the sunlight. One can also board an Arabic dhow/boat for a river cruise where one can dine on the boat and enjoy the sightseeing as the ship floats slowly downstream.

Hang out at the Dubai Creek

Go for a Desert Safari

Dubai’s desert safari will cherish you, from bashing the adrenaline-fill Doon to being photography in a camel field. Your tour operator will take you to a charming village where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a camel ride and some incredible things to do in Dubai are rosemary painting and a barbecue with tented canopies. Here you can also taste shisha or hookah with flavored tobacco. While not forgetting to watch the very beautiful belly dance performances by trained dancers.

Go for a Desert Safari

Visit the legendary Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab

One can buy a ticket to land on one of the observation decks of Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest tower. The view from here is breathtaking. And amazing incredible things to do in Dubai are Burj Al Arab is a famous beachfront hotel built after the traditional Arabic dhow. Taste the food here or stay in one of its luxurious rooms.

Burj Khalifa

Live up the Marine Dream at the Dubai Aquarium

In this largest suspended aquarium in the world; you can experience spectacular activities such as shark diving, scuba diving, shark encounters, and more incredible things to do in Dubai Of the 140 species of marine animals, the prize for the most spectacular goes to the Sand Tiger Shark. Visit them to believe it.

Marine Dream at the Dubai Aquarium

Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the most incredible things to do in Dubai sights to see in the desert city is the Dubai Miracle Garden. This place will leave you in an awe-inspiring haze as you explore pyramid models, vehicles, animals, animals and what not. Each model can be rotate, and moved with special machinery. Really a vista is suppose to be visited.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Get wooed by the Performance of The Dubai Fountain

An enchanting music, water, and light extravaganza; the Dubai Fountain is the world’s most incredible thing to do in Dubai’s; highest-performing fountain system located on the 30 acres man-made Burj Khalifa Lake in the center of Downtown Dubai. This masterpiece is a traffic choreographer show for human audiences, who are impress by the unique harmony of music, lights and aerial shooting of water. The air contains 22,000 gallons of water at any time during the performance. Imagine it is a desert town.

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