Best 11 Free Things To Do At Changi Airport Singapore

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Free Things To Do At Changi Airport Singapore

If You’re Planning to Singapore Trip. This place has impressive attractions, exciting activities and a city with many days of seizure for the whole family is the breakthrough. Almost everyone will see an image of the city symbol of Marlion, and this is based on the nearby Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer, both offering breathtaking views of Singapore’s famous skyline. The Most Interesting Fact is that many free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore.

Singapore is known for its rapid growth and the year 2019 is inaugurated in the country with some new and impressive shopping centers, exquisite restaurants and luxury hotels. Perhaps there is the perfect year 2020 to explore with the family, but wait, there are some exciting clubs to surround your hips and the nightlife is made to make you happy with your fun friends. In addition to the modern electro world, Singapore also has some natural paths between modernity. One can locate the emerald of Singapore in its botanical gardens and Pulau Ubin. It is also ideal for travelers traveling to Singapore in 2020, as there are many portfolios to look at and see near this travel destination.

Must-Visit Singapore Airport

The airports are not far from the places you choose to visit or hang out. But you may want to make an exception. In fact, there are good reasons why Singapore’s Changi International Airport is repeatedly chosen as the best airport in the world. Some of those reasons include the wonderful free activities of Changi.

Changi Airport won the best Skytrax airport award for the seventh year in a row, making it one of the most respected airports in the world. However, this is not only great connectivity, which change makes it number one. There are surprisingly large facilities for those travel at the airport, especially for long-distance trips, which are some of the best secrets of airport success. These are the Best 5 attractions that people can spend 24 hours at Changi airport. Here the list of Free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore:

Tallest airport slide 

The slide is available to travel in Terminal 3 (in the public area). In addition to being the longest airport in the world, it is also the longest slide in Singapore. Its use is free, but requires a little input: you would have spent at least $ 10 to get tickets at any airport store and at least 1.3 meters long to travel. It should not exceed 2 meters.

free things to do at changi airport singapore

Beautiful Changi Gardens 

Changi Airport has nine theme gardens, all free of charge. These gardens include butterfly gardens, cactus gardens, sunflower gardens, orchid gardens, charming gardens, lily gardens, piazza gardens, glass gardens, and arrival gardens. They are distributed in different terminals and reflect Singapore’s reputation as ‘Garden City’.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Free Cinemas 

There are two movie theaters in the Changi airport, in a terminal 2 and a terminal 3, both run movies 24 hours a day, every day of the week, which you can watch for free. You can see what movie is happening on the Changi website. And those who want to watch the latest match, they moved to Terminal 2

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

 Swimming pool

For those who want a refreshing swim, there is a rooftop pool located at Aerotel Airport in Terminal 1. Those staying at the hotel can use it for free. For all others, the cost is $ 17. The pool has a jacuzzi, bar, and shower.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

 Free City Tour Of Singapore 

These tours are offered only to passengers in transit from the Changi airport, at least 5.5 hours during their transit. There are two tours to choose between the heritage tour or the city tour. Each visit lasts approximately 2 hours and is free. Simply go to the registration booths in the transit area with your passport and boarding pass and finally return to the airport.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Visit Jewel

The interesting free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore is to visit the jewel, where you can see a number of retail and entertainment sections. Famous for being the thematic area of nature, here you can buy in luxury brands or simply stroll through the artificial natural environment. The Place to visit is the Rain Vortex, which is an amazing waterfall within the passage. If you are looking for an exceptional combination of recreation and nature, this is the place for you.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

 Social Tree

Many screens in the middle of Terminal 1 will attract children and teenagers. You can enjoy some type of game on each screen. You can also take a selfie on the machine and it will record your face throughout the game’s championship.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Explore The Butterfly Gardens

Must Explore the butterfly breeding and feeding sessions in the exotic butterfly garden. With an impressively beautiful garden and several other places of recreation, it is a paradise for nature lovers. While 40 different species of butterflies fly from one place to another, tropical flowering plants infuse freshness in the atmosphere. From the Indian Holy to the exclusive group of Egyptian stars, where anyone can see everything and spend a holiday in Singapore.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

 Changi Experience Studio

Experience Changi Airport in a new way at Changi Experience Studio. Join the number of participating games that show Changi airport making the mechanism. Compete with the Boeing 747 or play instruments to shake your arms, Experience Studio has activities that adapt to the hearts of children and young people.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Free Foot Massage

Are you looking for relaxing free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore? From foot spas to full-body spa sessions, here you can have everyone and open every part of the body and soul. Talented professionals make the experience even more memorable and you can choose from a wide range of spa and massage options. Be sure to select the best package and make the most of your time. In addition to this, you can also add manicures, pedicures and other relaxation techniques to your foot massage.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Use Free WiFi

Free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore to surf the Internet free. To download your favorite movie or watch live shows online, you can do exactly what you want. Internet speed is incredible and anyone can easily get it.

Free things to do at changi airport singapore

Yes, there is a lot of free things to do at Changi Airport Singapore. That’s Why can Singapore Airlines allow you to check your flight 48 hours in advance? What a good idea to get rid of your checked baggage and go to the airport adventure before your flight.

While Singapore may not be the cheapest city in the world, there are still some ways to reduce it in your wallet. By taking advantage of cheap food, walking, and relaxation, you can easily cut your wallet with Singapore, without it!

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