Best Beaches At Goa | 10 Most Famous Beaches in Goa

Best Beaches At Goa 

The beaches in Goa are the major attractions of this small state which attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Some of the Best Beaches At Goa are mentioned below that provide you a relaxed atmosphere to relax with a picturesque view, where you can spend quality time with your family.

 Best Beaches At Goa

Ashwem Beach

It is one of the cleanest and Most Famous Beaches in Goa. Less crowded, which is rare in the north. You will have more calm and peace. More privacy! In fact, there are long sections where you will not find any beach shakes, restaurants, or sunbeds. The waves are gentle, so you can swim without worry. Waving palm tree lines on this 1.5 km beach – a touch of greenery makes the landscape beautiful.

Best Beaches At Goa

Baga Beach 

Baga Beach is one of the Best Beaches At Goa. It lies between the Baga River in the north and the Kailang coast in the south. The Baga-Calangute-Candolim stretch is one of the longest sandy beaches in Goa and attracts thousands of tourists during peak season. Baiga is 17.3 km from state capital Panaji via NH 66 and Chogam Road. The beach is also popular for its nightlife. Baga is one of the top party spots in Goa. There are many nightclubs and discos. The seaside is full of restaurants, cafes, shops, and resorts. Thai massage, tattoo parlor everything is close. For the adventurous and water sports lover, there is jet skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing.

Best Beaches At Goa

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is between Cernabatim and Baraka beach in South Goa. It is a long stretch of sand that overtakes Kolwa in the north and Varka in the south. It is a clean, windswept beach where you can see many fishing boats and travelers. it comes under in Best Beaches Of South Goa. The beach is sandy – there are no rocks here. You will find fewer people on the beach than in North Goa. In fact, for long segments, you will see almost nothing, and then suddenly there will be huts, beach loungers and a few groups of restaurants. There are old houses, temples, and churches when you want time away from the beach.

Best Beaches At Goa

Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim beach is a beautiful 1 km long stretch of golden sand in South Goa between Colva Beach and Majorda Beach. This beach is 18.5 kilometers from Vasco da Gama and 10.7 kilometers from Colva Beach Road. Betalbatim is a small and Best Beaches At Goa that has maintained its original charm and identity, while thousands of tourists flock to Goa in the main season, often making the most popular beaches very crowded. The northern part of the beach is sometimes called Sunset Beach, but the sunset view is as good from Betalbatim as it is from Sunset Beach.

Best Beaches At Goa

Calangute Beach

Calangute seashore is one of the Most Famous Beaches in Goa. It is a piece of the long Baga-Calangute stretch where you will discover water sports, shops, road sellers, bistros, seashore shakes and back rub parlors. Coconut and palm trees line the shore. There are numerous sunbeds and coverings. Calangute is additionally a famous nightlife goal. It is one of the Best Beaches At Goa, which is well known for local and universal travelers.

Best Beaches At Goa

Agonda Beach

Agonda is Best Beaches Of South Goa between Kola Beach and Palolem.No doubt it is Most Famous Beaches in Goa. It is 70.3 km from Panaji and 39.2 km via NH 66 from Margao. It is about an hour from Margo and an hour and a half from Vasco de Gama. Palolem beach is just 15 minutes away.

Best Beaches At Goa

The beach remains isolated throughout the year, for those who want to avoid the busy city lifestyle and everyday routines. The water is slightly choppy, but it is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. There are bars, restaurants and shacks, but you can easily find a secluded place. Palolem is a better place to party, but Agonda is cheaper and hassle-free. There are relatively few tourists here, making it a more ancient and serene beach. This is why it is sometimes called “Silent Beach”. You will find very few “touristic feel” here.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is one of the Best Beaches Of North Goa, situated between Baga Beach in the north and Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach in the south. Unlike others, Anjuna is less sandy. Some sections are also rocky, You will find many stony grounds here. There are many picturesque red laterite rocks here, which is why it is sometimes called Rocky Beach. The red laterite rocks are the real jewels of Anjuna, giving the landscape a unique flavor that’s why it maintained a rank of Best Beaches At Goa.

Best Beaches At Goa

Arambol Beach

Arambol beach is Best Beaches At Goa, it is the last of the developed beaches in North Goa. It is 35 km from Goa’s state capital Panaji via NH 66. The international airport is 59.2 kilometers away. It is just north of Mandrem beach.

Best Beaches At Goa

The beach is both rocky and sandy, and pristine as there are few tourists. It is one of the Most Famous Beaches in Goa. Once popular with hippies, this beach has a distinctly bohemian and laid-back feel about it. It is one of the greenest beaches in Goa, as the entire 16 km long coastline is decorated with palm and other trees. The red hills overlook the Arabian Sea and the coastline. At the northern end of the beach is a dense forest and freshwater lake, and the famous banyan tree, where the famous music band The Beatles meditated according to a legend.

Colva Beach

It is the longest and one of the oldest beaches in Goa. The stretch is lined with coconut trees, making it one of the Best Beaches Of South Goa. At its center is the Colva Beach Circle, where most hotels, resorts, shops and water sports activities are located. It is always crowded in the afternoon and evening. If you like solitude, all you have to do is move a few meters from the beach in south direction there will be very few people here. Colva Beach maintained the ninth position in the list of Best Beaches At Goa.

Best Beaches At Goa

Varca Beach

Varca is a 2 km long white beach with red and black lava rocks at some places. You will find mostly shrubby vegetation here with some shrubby trees which make it one of the Best Beaches At Goa. The seemingly endless strip of sand is dotted with luxury resorts, hotels and private villas, including some of the biggest names such as Sterling, Club Mahindra and Ramada. The vibe is almost completely hawker-free, but there are some nice beaches where you can stretch on a sunny bed to relax and enjoy your food and drink.

Best Beaches At Goa

Above is the list of Most Famous Beaches in Goa. if you are planning for Goa, just go with Rocking trips and enjoy Best Beaches At Goa at an affordable price.

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