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Best time to visit maldives


Maldives is a beach destination that is sun-kissed and there is a season which is suitable for a trip. However, the best time to visit Maldives is between November and April, that is, during the dry season. December to March peak tourist marks as the best weather to travel to the weather or the Maldives; during this season, the rain is almost negligible, and the weather is very pleasant. This period is considered to be the best season for honeymoon travel, because the conditions of ideal weather give the joints an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of activities. However, being the busiest season in the Maldives, this is the period when beach resorts in the Maldives are expensive.

best time to visit maldives


Summer Season in Maldives

Weather at summer on the best season to visit  Maldives is hot and influenced by southwest monsoon makes it the worst It brings heavy tropical showers for 2-3 hours per day (mainly afternoon and at night) and significant excitement of the sea. Divers and swimmers consider this period as the worst. But there is no thin without the addition and surfers of all kinds.

Air and water have almost equal temperatures. At night water also became warmer than air. In calm bays this situation makes the moonlight. Humidity is pretty high but visitors marked that it is comfortable because of constant winds this to visit in the Maldives.

best time to visit maldives                               

Monsoon Season in Maldives

The monsoon best season to visit  Maldives takes place from May to November. This is the time when it is an off season for tourists. Prices are low and you can get fewer people in hotels. This is the time Maldives honeymoon package when someone can enjoy scuba diving and surf with optimum conditions during the monsoon in the Maldives. This is the time when the rainfall is very heavy and the hurricane progresses faster through the archipelago.

Those who enjoy scuba diving and surfing may have a suitable period for traveling to the Maldives. However, this is certainly not the best time to visit the Maldives for a vacation with family because there can not be many things for children.

best time to visit maldives 

Winter Season in Maldives

Weather is the winter best season to visit Maldives. The entire December is some kind of sunshine, hot and quiet joy. In the second half of the third decade, there may be minor degradation of the ocean and a slight decrease in temperature. The normal average temperature of air and water are similar to the rest of the year.

But until the beginning of January, the matter is almost completely in full condition. They are great days until the last days of February. Around February, there is a possibility of forecasting the stormy weather forecast from anywhere.

best time to visit maldives

Autumn Season in Maldives

The tropical rainy season also lasts till September the best time to visit the Maldives. Waves are still important so Surfers are considering this month as the best time to travel to the Maldives. Even after the most difficult shower, the beaches are dry in pairs. It is easy to sink despite being cloudy, therefore relevant caution is need. In the third decade of September, the sky gets brighter and the oceans calm down.

In October, there are some rains but they are primarily at night and day and are sunny and calm. In November, the second shift of wind and the dry season begins. This does not mean that there is no rain. The rain still happens but with low frequency and intensity.

best time to visit maldives

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