9 Best Festival In Mauritius (2020) | Top Festival To Explore Mauritius In 2020

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

               Best Cultural Festival in Mauritius

As in all parts of the world, Mauritius has its own traditions. The culture on the island is very diverse, due to the different ancestors that were taken or visited the island many years ago. The religions found in Mauritius are mainly Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions. Read on below to find out the best festival in Mauritius, we believe one has to experience and celebrate if in Mauritius

Know More About Mauritius:

Thaipoosam Cavadee

The Tamil community of Mauritius celebrates Thipposam Cavade, a festival celebrated in devotion to Lord Muruga. 10 days before the actual date, devotees will fast and pray with vegetarian food, which is up to date. In the streets, you will find “cavades”, small temples decorated with flowers, taken to the temples. The famous seven curries cooks on this day.

Celebration Date: 8 February


Holi is one of the best festival Celebrate In Mauritius with joy and color that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this island nation. During the festival, men, children, and women chase each other with color water and dust. The festival usually lasts two days and starts with bonfires at night. People sing and dance in their folk styles. It believes that Holika symbolizes the death and defeat of the evil Holika, who burns after her nephew was tried.

Celebration Date:  9-10 March

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri celebrates every year in honor of Lord Shiva and Festival Celebrate in Mauritius also. It is a three-day Hindu festival, during which thousands of Hindu pilgrims devote themselves in the water of the lake along the Great Basin. The Grand Basin is a sacred lake for the Mauritius Island of Hinduism.

Celebration Date: 21 February

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius


After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the festival celebrate in Mauritius by a minority of the Muslim community in Mauritius. Imam Hussain was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. A parade about it takes place in the streets of Plaine-Verte in Port Louis. 

Celebration Date: 10 September

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese spring festival usually celebrates by the Mauritian Chinese of Mauritius. The exact date of the celebration is determined according to the Chinese calendar. As part of the celebration, firecrackers are installed according to tradition to ward off evil spirits. Families gather and celebrate the new year with abundant food. At the end of the Day, Lion Dance will perform by Chinese dancers.

Celebration Date: 25 January

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

Ganesh Chaturthi

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrates by the Hindus to commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesha. On this day, the Hindus will go to the banks of the river or to the beaches with small replicas of the elephant-headed god, these replicas must submerge in the water before sunset.

Celebration Date: 22 August

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

Eid Ul Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr is a holiday in Mauritius. In Mauritius, this festival celebrates at the end of the month of Ramadan. The festival includes prayers, exchange of gifts, family visits and donations for the poor. The festival celebrate in Mauritius with family ceremonies and dinners in mosques.

Celebration Date: 23 May

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius


The small but important Catholic community of the island celebrates Christmas every year to commemorate the arrival of Jesus Christ. The festival celebrates throughout the island, and the commercial areas have Christmas carols and Santa Claus everywhere. Most stores and offices will have a Christmas tree that people will decorate from head to toe.

Celebration Date: 25 December

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is celebrating 15 days after the Chinese New Year. The Lantern Festival marks the end of the New Year celebration of the Chinese community in Mauritius. In the streets of the main cities of Mauritius, a parade of costumes and dragon dances organize.

Celebration Date: 8  February

Festival Celebrate In Mauritius

In short, despite having different types of religions that follow different cultures and traditions, each community follows these festivals and sometimes participates in them.  And this makes Mauritius one of the most peaceful multicultural societies to live.

These Mauritius festivals offer tourists to see something different in other countries. They also have an attractive pan-island, which is to experience first hand. Plan your trip to Mauritius so you can at least attend these fascinating festivals!

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