7 Best Things To Enjoy Nightlife In Singapore | Nightlife in Singapore

7 Best Things To Enjoy Nightlife In Singapore   Singapore is a city full of entertainment, culture and friendly people. It is known for its multiculturalism and its immense wealth, making it the number one destination for tourists. The best nightlife in Singapore is centered in the city center, which means you can have a slap on Club Street in Chinatown, head to Marina Bay for a cocktail (repeating the view) and then the dance can end the night at Clarke Quay, all in the same night. Nightlife in Singapore is always better with the sickest rhythms. But there is more life than going to discos. Here are the best places that explore in your Singapore Trip Night safari Singapore is the world’s first night

Top Holiday Destinations In 2020 | Rocking Trips

TOP HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS IN 2020 People have been traveling to different corners of the world since ancient times. Earlier it used to be a means of survival. However, a millennium later, the current generation of humans travel for other reasons. We, as inquisitive people, now travel to find relaxation, joy, peace and sometimes even to discover our soul. Traveling is the best way to experience and learn from the world. With this in mind, here is a list of the top holiday destinations to travel in 2020 to get what you travel for your mind and soul. DUBAI Glitzi Dubai is a United Arab Emirates Top holiday destination In 2020. This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to

Best Places To Visit In Europe | 7 Romantic Destinations To Explore In Europe

Best Places To Visit In Europe From England to Germany or France to Italy, European countries are full of vibrant cities known for their museums, restaurants, nightlife and architecture. This is why Rocking Trips highlighted each destination and presented 7 romantic destinations to explore in Europe. This blog is also useful for those who have planned a trip to Europe and get a little confused about which are the best places to visit in Europe? Kiruna, Sweden If you have visited Europe, do not forget to visit Kiruna, Sweden. Away from the crowds, this place with a calm atmosphere will remove all your fatigue. The ice hotel here is quite famous. Apart from this, you will also get to see the highest peak in Sweden

Best Places To Visit In April Outside India | Rocking Trips

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN APRIL OUTSIDE INDIA April is the month when summer begins in summer and spring begins to spread its color in most places all over the world. This month is also the holiday season in India, so many domestic, as well as international holiday trips are plan. April is also a season when the beaches are calm and the hills are greener; providing everything for travelers to enjoy their journey to the fullest. The world is fill with many magnificent sights that you can visit in April. Here we make your travel plans easy by giving information about places to visit in April outside India. PARIS Paris is synonymous with art and the city has a number of art galleries; ranging

Top 8 Budget Honeymoon Destinations To Check Out

Top 8 Budget Honeymoon Destinations to Check Out As much we agree on the fact that weddings are the ultimate celebration of love and eternal union, we also believe that they can be extremely stressful, tedious, and expensive. As a romantic detox after your big fat wedding, here is a list of budget honeymoon destinations that will allow you to reconnect with your partner, and finally capture some moments of peace together. SHIMLA When we talk about the best budget honeymoon destinations in India, Shimla definitely tops the list. With its crescent surroundings, this place will be a great getaway from the Mundanity of the plains. Visit places like Shimla Church, Scandal Point and Chadwick Falls with your partner to see its true beauty. For

7 Incredible Things To Do In Dubai | Things to do in Dubai

7 Incredible Things To Do In Dubai Want to spend your days in the magnificent pools and discover some of the world’s newest clubs and world-class aquariums while spending your evenings on the planet? If so, have you considered checking out some incredible things to do in Dubai? Dubai is not only one of the fastest-growing cities on the planet, but it is also a hot travel destination. Visit the Buzzing Souks The marketplace is called Sox in Arabic and some of the most incredible things to do in Dubai. From spices, clothes, perfumes to gold – you will find everything you can see in these souks. All you need is to put the bargaining skills to good use to score an amazing deal. Prepare

7 Best Historical Places In Mauritius | Places to visit in Mauritius

7 Best Historical Places In Mauritius The island country Mauritius is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide & the best historical places in Mauritius. Known for its beaches, flora, and fauna as well as scenery, Mauritius is a multicultural place, home to people of Indian, African, French and Chinese descent. The tropical climate of the island attracts Europeans here, which made its history quite remarkable.  Aapravasi Ghat The Aapravasi Ghat is the best historical place in Mauritius. It is an important symbol of the identity of Mauritius since its ancestors. More than 70% of today’s Mauritius population arrive on the island through this immigration depot. The system of recruitment is called indent. Indenture labor was an independent man or woman who signed Contract

Bhutan Ends Free Entry For Indian Tourists | Indians Can No longer Travel To Bhutan For Free

Bhutan Ends Free Entry For Indian Tourists Bhutan always attracts tourists with its beauty. Especially for Indians, Bhutan is their most preferred tourist destination. The reason behind this is easily given to visas, currency values and neighboring states. But now the bad news is coming. The Government of Bhutan has decided that Bhutan Ends Free Entry For Indian Tourists. Bhutan has recently changed the rules, now from July 2020 Indian tourists will have to pay Rs 1,200 per day to visit Bhutan. Other countries to be included in this Bhutan scheme are Maldives and Bangladesh. At the same time, this fee will be Rs 600 for children between 6 and 12 years of age. This fee is called Sustainable Development Fee. This step has been

Free Things To Do In Sentosa | Things To Do In Singapore

FREE THINGS TO DO IN SENTOSA The island was a British military fort some distance off the southern coast of Singapore before it was known as Sentosa. After the Japanese occupation in World War II, Singapore returned to British rule, and the island was renamed “Sentosa” which turns into “peace and tranquility”. A beloved island resort known for its tropical beaches, and free things to do in Sentosa at thrilling attractions. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or a day of bold exploration, the world of adventure awaits you in Sentosa.  Crane Dance Watch a fantastic love story between a pair of mechanical cranes, unconditional love for each other turns them into real birds, unfolding on the waterway. This nightly performance adds to

Sharjah Light Festival (UAE) | Light Festival in Sharjah City

Sharjah Light Festival (UAE) Sharjah is a city that prides itself on being the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city has beautifully preserved the art and culture of the Arab country and is a delight for museums and art lovers with its amazing attractions. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Sharjah Light Festival (UAE) in search of a better understanding of the art and culture of the United Arab Emirates. The Sharjah Light Festival (SLF) is another addition to the list of spectacular efforts made by Sharjah, offering visitors a glimpse of the Emirates’ beautiful architectural landscape. There is a live show with Cornish at 6–11 pm (midnight on weekends) and 8:30 pm every evening. Motive Of The Sharjah