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Marina Barrage Overview

According To Wikipedia

“Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore, which is built on the confluence of five rivers across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South. It was officially opened as the fifteenth reservoir of Singapore on October 30, 2008. It provides water storage, flood control, and entertainment.”

Nevertheless, most visitors know Marina Barrage as the place of entertainment. The dam’s parked park is particularly popular for picnicking and kite flying. With the main part of the grass to see the city’s skyline, this place is also popular for viewing in the foresighted Singaporean sunsets.

Marina Barrage

Completed in 2008, the main dam is located in the Marina Barrage, from Marina East to Marina South, which was the 15th reservoir of Singapore. Although the most visited place here is the high patch of green space that you can go through a lift inside the main compound or through a futuristic looping route which goes up to the top.

More About Marina Barrage

The rise of Marina Barrage, the lack of any skyscrapers in the immediate area, and the fact that it is right next to the sea, all help to make one of the best places in Singapore – perfect for kite flying.

Come to the sunset on any evening (when the heat of the day has diminished) to see the sky full of colorful moths of all shapes and sizes. With this amazing backdrop of the city of Singapore (you can see the garden by skyscrapers of Bay, Cloud Forest, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and CBD) make one of the best photo ops on the entire island.

Tours around the Marina Barrage can also be arranged through the visitor center – keep your eyes open for cool art establishments and idols dotted around the site. There is also a fountain area on the ground level which acts as a great place for children where there is cold during a splash.

Marina Barrage is completely free and opens around the clock (the information center in the main building is open every morning from 9 am to 9 pm). You can reach the site on a 10-minute walk by way of a garden bye (by free entry). If you want to go straight into the park then there is a car park and a taxi stand.

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