Top 11 Water Villas In Maldives | Best Water Villas In Maldives For Vacation

Best Water Villas In Maldives For Vacation The Maldives is one of the most sought after places in the world, which is a spectacular getaway for breathtaking peace. Most of the resorts here are on their own private islands and have water villas in Maldives, which offer a wonderful vacation experience amidst calm turquoise waters and breathtaking ocean views and fulfill all your wishes and desires. The best underwater villas in the Maldives give you a vacation experience with a unique design, luxurious facilities, a sense of privacy and dying facilities to open the sea view. These are easily the best accommodations you can go on vacation in the Maldives, especially for longer stays, with a range of personalized services that you can enjoy in


8 BEST BEACHES IN SINGAPORE IN 2020 Although physically small, Singapore is an economic stalwart. It is the most modern city in Southeast Asia for more than a century. The city has blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. Its unique ethnic tapestry offers visitors a wide range of sightseeing and culinary opportunities from which to choose. Book a Singapore Tour Packages and explore a full calendar of traditional festivals and holidays celebrated throughout the 8 best beaches in Singapore in the 2020 year adds to its cultural appeal. PALAWAN BEACH  Palawan Beach is for an ideal family location. It is one of the three beaches located in Sentosa Island, is the best beaches in Singapore. This beach is ideal for a

Top 5 Best Malls In Dubai | The 5 Best Shopping Malls In Dubai For Kids

Top 5 Best Malls In Dubai If you are looking for the most beautiful malls in the world, you are likely to find many of Dubai’s magnificent shopping malls, which are known for their myriad shopping festivals and amazing departments of retail centers across the globe. Anyone who travels or lives in the Emirates will tell you that you cannot visit one of the top 5 Best malls in Dubai as it is an experience in itself. Let’s take a quick tour of the best malls in Dubai and find out what makes each of them special. Dubai Mall Dubai Mall is the second-largest mall in the world, one of the most luxurious crowns in the remarkable portfolio of Emaar Properties. Known as one of

5 Things To Do In Malaysia | Places to Visit In Malaysia

5 Things To Do In Malaysia If you are planning for Malaysia tour packages and about what best things to do Malaysia, then try out the best 5 best things to do in Malaysia.  Malaysia is located in the Malay Peninsula and extends over parts of Borneo where it shares a border with neighboring Indonesia, and such visitors should not be confused with the context of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, including Sarawak and Sabah (called Also known as Malaysian Borneo). Petronas Tower Petronas Towers is one of the largest tourist sanctuaries in the world! Most of the horizon in Kuala Lumpur is covered with classy buildings, but the Petronas Towers stand out! This is due to the impressive construction of the towers, and the

Gardens By The Bay | Singapore Visitor Guides

Gardens By The Bay An integral part of Singapore’s “City in a Garden”  Gardens By the Bay is surround on 101 hectares; of prime land in the heart of Singapore’s new city – Marina Bay sand. The three waterfront gardens -South Bay, East Bay, and Central Bay – will showcase Garden at night, gardening and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the world. Flower Dome: The Flower Dome is a historical scene in Singapore of the gardens by the bay. There are many types of flowers here that we feel like a paradise and the fragrance here is quite breathtaking; we feel that we are going around the world of the Flower Dome. Beauty looks much

Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai | The New Iconic Landmark In Dubai-Atlantis

About Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai Atlantis Hotel Dubai on Palm Island is one of the most popular hotels in Dubai. Home to the famous Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark, the Underwater Aquarium Lost Chambers and Luxury Spa, the Atlantis Hotel is great for both families and couples. Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai is a 5-star luxury resort with lots of amenities and many activities to be organized. It offers an underwater aquarium, swimming with dolphin opportunities and free entry to Aquaventure Water Park and Lost Chambers Aquarium. Free WiFi is available throughout the property. Know More About Dubai Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai Location Atlantis The Palm Hotel is located in the center of Dubai. Mall of Emirates can be reached by car in 20 minutes.

9 Best Festival In Mauritius (2020) | Top Festival To Explore Mauritius In 2020

               Best Cultural Festival in Mauritius As in all parts of the world, Mauritius has its own traditions. The culture on the island is very diverse, due to the different ancestors that were taken or visited the island many years ago. The religions found in Mauritius are mainly Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions. Read on below to find out the best festival in Mauritius, we believe one has to experience and celebrate if in Mauritius Know More About Mauritius: Thaipoosam Cavadee The Tamil community of Mauritius celebrates Thipposam Cavade, a festival celebrated in devotion to Lord Muruga. 10 days before the actual date, devotees will fast and pray with vegetarian food, which is up to date. In the streets, you will

Success Story of Raman Indora With Rocking Trips

Success Story of Raman Indora With Rocking Trips This blog is to celebrate the Success Story of Raman Indora with Rocking Trips in the 2 years from your joining to till date you have always been firmly standing by the company and proved that with hard work & constant dedication nothing is impossible. How were you hired? In October 2017 I had completed my diploma tourism from IITC and got the reference of Rocking Trips from the institute itself. As far as hiring is considered, by the god grace RT is my 1st company where I gave an interview after completing my diploma and got selected as a Travel consultant by qualifying several rounds. At the time when I joined RT, there were only 10-12 employees

Best Time To Visit Dubai | Best season To Explore Dubai

Best Time To Visit Dubai If you are planning to visit Dubai, then the winter season is the Best Time To Visit Dubai. Because when it comes to traveling abroad, Dubai has definitely been placed on the wish list of young Indians. With the idea of ​​Dubai, the picture of Burj Khalifa emerges in our mind with deserts, camels and sheiks. Dubai is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Indians. This has been happening for a long time. One reason for this choice may be a good relationship between India and Dubai. Come, know the Best season To Explore Dubai. Planning to visit Dubai should always be planned during the winter season. Because the weather in Dubai is very good for tourism and this is

Best 11 Places To Visit Kerala In 2020 | Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala

Best Places To Visit In Kerala Kerala is an attractive destination in South India that should be on the wish list of all travelers. Adorned with emerald backwaters, expanses and lush tea estates, ancient mountain resorts and the Blue Arabian Sea, Kerala has many tourist places you’ll instantly fall in love with. Kerala tourism is not only about natural beauty, but also about its rich culture that enriches with dances, festivals, delicious cuisines, literature, Ayurvedic medicine, and arts and crafts. Do not miss these main places to visit in Kerala. Kerala, in southern India, is know as “God’s own country” for tropical beauty. This coastal state has a destination for everyone, be it beaches, mountains, adventure, wildlife, heritage or culture in which you interest. The